Alone we are vulnerable, but together we are powerful. Let's work together to abolish bail debt, establish full pretrial freedom, and take abolitionist steps to end the Prison Industrial Complex.

The Debt Collective is a movement of people who hold debt or overdue bills and our allies. We work with partners and organizations across the state to bring people with debt together to take on the predatory companies who take money from our communities. To do this, we raise our voices, run strategic campaigns, and fight back against the bail bond industry; read more about our strategy.

When debtors unite, we can turn our individual financial burdens into a source of collective power to push for political and economic transformation. By banding together we’ve already abolished billions of dollars worth of debt, improved the lives of tens of thousands of people, and changed the terms of the political debate. We’re on track to accomplish so much more. Join us today! Becoming a member is a way to join the fight for a world where no one has to take on predatory debt to survive—where carceral debts are abolished, college is publicly funded, healthcare is universal, housing is guaranteed for all, and so much more. But we can only win what we organize and fight for. Become a member now.